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6 Solutions to Inadequate Data Sets

Increase GPS data sets with these tips

  1. Smart GPS - Especially useful when dealing with GPS collars less than 100 grams, this feature prevents the GPS from using battery power for a GPS position that would most likely result in a missed fix anyway.
  2. Intelligent programming - Since you probably more or less already know the habits of your study animal, program in calendar mode and avoid programming GPS positions at times of the day when you suspect that the animal isn't moving around anyway. Combined with other great options you can still know when the animal moved.
  3. Activity sensor - This feature does not use an old fashioned tilt switch, we use an accelerometer combined with powerful software that allows you to control what types of movements are being logged as activity. The software also empowers you by letting you set the sampling rate and the length of time represented in one line of data.
  4. Solar power option - We have two different types of solar options available. Both can dramatically increase the number of GPS positions in your data set... as long as there is some sun. One type allows you to program GPS positioning times, day or night, but will increase the number of GPS positions depending upon the sunlight available. And, on the other hand, when there is little sun the firmware can cut back on the numbers of positions you programmed in order to conserve power until the sun charges the battery back to full power. The other type of solar power will take a GPS position as often as every 2 minutes, it's fully dependant upon the sunlight available. The choice of which type you use is entirely up to you.
  5. Request GPS antenna enhancement option - We continually offer upgrades and improvements to our products, the latest is an enhanced performance GPS antenna. How many extra GPS positions would you need in your data set to make it worth the $75 purchase price?
  6. Convey all information - We love to hear about your work. We use all of the information that you give us to improve the product to work for you. Case in point... African lions tend to bite the GPS antennas when they are placed at the top of a GPS collar. Our customer requested that we change the location of the GPS antenna housing to the 9 o'clock position on the collar. All of his collars with the antenna at the 9 o'clock position take many more GPS positions than the collars with the GPS antenna housing bitten off! We also repositioned that antenna inside the housing so that it was still facing the sky and we did that without making the housing larger. The point is that we listen to our customers. So let's hear what you have to say soon. Please click on the Contact Us button below or at the top of this page to give us your story and see how we can help you. We look forward to it.

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