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John S.

"To give you a bit of an update we are back in Perth now and managed to get five collars (Fox 1 - 5) on foxes: 3 males and 2 females. The collars are working well. Pete and I played around with mapping the fox GPS points against each other and some landmarks today and it is really interesting. Two of the collars: Fox 3 and Fox 4 both show these foxes going back and forth rather than round and round. As it turns out there is good reason for this. These are the two collars on the female foxes. What seems to be happening is that they are heading out and then returning to their dens. We thought that this may have been the time of year that the females are rearing pups

The collars are programmed to a 90 second time out and 30 second additional time. This actually seems to be working well and the fixes are still quite precise on these settings. I know this because we pulled the fixes that we suspected were the dens sites, put them into a handheld GPS and managed to find the dens for both the collared females. The GPS took us straight to the dens. We actually saw pups in the den of fox 4 - see attached photo (a little hard to see but they are there) and we strongly suspect that fox 3 also has pups or will do very soon. We have set up remote sensing cameras outside both of the dens. So hopefully we will soon be getting photographic data as well as GPS data.

Thanks for all the support with the collars. I really appreciate it particularly the last minute emails and calls.” - GPS collar with satellite data download and VHF transmitter for Fox. See photo »

Julien C.

"The study is done now and we have really great results! Most collars gave more data than we expected." - FLR V GPS for Bats

James Gilardi Ph.D., Executive Director,
World Parrot Trust

"For us, there are lots of options we could consider if we know the technology and design issues can be pretty well nailed down, so that side of it is pretty crucial in my view. And from our last in person meeting, I found you infinitely more sensitive and responsive to these realities than anyone I’ve ever met on the production and design side of things."

Janet, University of Idaho

"Scott and Quintin -- first, thanks very much for working with us on the collar designs and repairs! And, thanks for rushing the repairs -- the collars arrived on Friday.

We are really pleased with the data the collars are providing! Laura estimated ~90% fix success rate (and we guess that the rabbits are likely in the burrows at least some of the time when there are missed fixes), and the locations appear to be tightly clustered around burrow systems. We will do static trials to quantify fix rate and location errors during the summer, but the preliminary data look good. In addition, the batteries seem to be lasting longer than anticipated, likely because the animal's body is moderating the temperature (it was -12 F one morning last week)! Thanks again for your time and help." - FLR V GPS Collar for Pygmy Rabbit.

David Booth, The University of Queensland, Australia

"I’ve just returned from a field trip where we deployed 3 FLR V GPS units on goannas. I’m pleased to report that we tested downloads from animals after they had been deployed for a day – and the system worked beautifully once the base station was within 20 m of the goannas. My student is still out in the field attempting to catch more goannas." - FLR V GPS Collar for goannas (monitor lizard).

Hugh McGregor, Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, Australia (Second testimonial)

"We have just finished another great study in cat behavior using your collars. Once again, they performed great!" - Quantum 4000E on Feral Cats.

Dr Peter Adams, Veterinary Public Health Lecturer, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Murdoch University

[Regarding Telemetry Solutions collars that were in a wildfire]
"What I (and pretty much all of my colleagues) found impressive about that collar, was that the VHF was still working! Not at full strength mind you, but it was still beaconing.
A second collar also got cooked (not as badly though, but enough to sever the GPS/Iridium functionality), and the VHF was working brilliantly so that we picked it up from about 1 km away.
A third collar was on another pig that got cooked by the radiant heat (didn’t get crisped directly), and that collar is still working fine (I’ll put it out on another pig).

You guys make a pretty good product! That fire was one of the hottest in recorded history in WA. Cheers."

"...the other collar which also got burnt (though not as badly), on which the GPS ultimately stopped working but still worked long enough to send out the location of the pig’s final resting place (which was spot on!). Also, the VHF on this collar was working perfectly." - Quantum 4000E on pigs. See photos »

Randy Botta, CA Department of Fish & Wildlife

"I really like the light weight, the large data storage capacity and the ability to power units using solar technology. I would recommend Telemetry Solutions products. The products purchased have performed as well as, if not in many instances better, than the equipment purchased previously from other companies. Customer service has been terrific from pre-purchase to troubleshooting to refurbishment. I have also experienced their willingness to work collaboratively to modify products to better fit study animals and increase product function." - Quantum 4000E GPS Pod in conformal epoxy housing on Bighorn Sheep

Matthew Scrafford, University of Alberta

"My main concern about the telemetry equipment was weight and comfort for my study animal, the wolverine. I need a small GPS capsule and a comfortable band so that the animals did not try to get the collars off. I like that the collar are small and comfortable for the wolverines. I also like the remote download and how durable the product is. I would recommend your products to others. I think it is a good product." - Quantum 4000E Medium Collars on Wolverines

Kelly D., Mt. View Sanitary District

"Telemetry Solutions’ technical support was great. I love the fact that if we can't download data on our own, we can call in and they will walk us through the process. This is invaluable to me and makes purchasing expensive GPS equipment less risky. I would absolutely recommend them to others. The equipment works, the company is willing to work with you if a rush order is necessary, and they offer fantastic customer and technical support. I would recommend them to anyone because they really care about their customers and the myriad of species we are studying" - Quantum 4000E Small Backpack on Pond Turtles

Click to read about Kelly’s study on Western Pond Turtles at the Mt. View Sanitary District.

James Sheppard, San Diego Zoo Global

"Telemetry Solutions GPS tags acquire highly accurate location data from the tracked birds for extended deployments and the company has provided outstanding service to our tracking program every step of the way." - Quantum 4000 Enhanced Patagial Mount GPS on Andean Condors.

Read more

Kelly Moyes, The Zoological Society of London

"THANK YOU so much for your help in providing us with GPS collars for our Badger-Cattle Contact Project. From our initial enquiry, Telemetry Solutions has provided outstanding customer service but Telemetry Solutions went to great lengths to ensure we received a product that would work for our project." - Quantum 4000E Medium Collar on Badger.

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Sam Thalmann Wildlife Biologist, Save the Tasmanian Devil Program

"Our trial with the Quantum 4000E Medium Collar on Tasmanian devils went exceptionally well. We received good position estimates and probably the greatest result was that the collar (with the polyurethane elastomer coating) was particularly kind to devils at the site of attachment, with no abrasion, fur loss, or noticeable irritation throughout our trial which we ran on captive animals for a total period of 5 months."

Dr. Aaron Haines, Upper Iowa University

"Benefits of GPS telemetry include increased precision and reduced sampling bias in location estimation, increased ability to monitor wide-ranging species, increased insights into climate-movements and habitat-movement. We were able to successfully download find-scale GPS location data from our collared pheasant. Using the collar and the SW Telemetry Solutions program, we downloaded pheasant location data and were able to convert them into shapefiles for analysis in ArcGIS or KML file so data can be viewed on Google Earth." - Quantum 4000E on Ring-necked Pheasants.

Hugh McGregor, Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, Australia

"We retrieved one of the test cats that had a Quantum 4000 collar on it, and the data were incredible. I've attached a rough map." - Quantum 4000E on Feral Cats.

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Bradley Bauman, Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Nevada Department of Wildlife

"During the summer of 2010 the Nevada Department of Wildlife purchased 10 GPS units from you for a pygmy rabbit project. To date, we have attached 8 of the GPS units to rabbits, and have collected thousands of data points." - Quantum 4000E Mini data logger on pygmy rabbits.

Read more

Dr. Laurentiu Rozylowicz, University of Bucharest

"I was surprised to find that it is possible to have GPS devices for tortoises." - Quantum 4000 on Tortoises.

Read more

Ken Glander, PhD Professor, Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University

"We now have four collars on free-ranging lemurs in four different groups and the data is excellent. The remote download allows us to monitor the units for proper functioning plus carry out ongoing analysis, particularly of group interactions." - Quantum 4000E on Lemurs. See photo »

Tim Sallows, Riding Mountain National Park Wildlife Lab.

"They are really quite a good product." - PODs on Elk.

Dan Carney, Blackfeet Tribe Fish & Wildlife

"I got 2 of the 3 collars out on female grizzlies. They are working perfectly... And the data downloading is great." - Quantum 4000 Collars on Grizzlies.

Katie Callahan, NH Fish and Game Dept.

"Recovered the first Quantum 4000 of the 2009 season yesterday, one-month deployment at 10-minute intervals on female black bear with three cubs of the year. Performance of the GPS logger with the updated firmware was great!" - Quantum 4000 Collars on Black Bear.

Per Wegge Ph.D. Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

"We got EXCELLENT data from the GPS capercaillies! We are VERY happy. We successfully recaptured the birds and put on the new units" - Quantum 4000 on Capercallies.

Jaap Mulder

"I have employed the fox collar, with a lot of success. The success rate of GPS-fixes was very high, even in dense forest." Quantum 4000E Collars on Red Fox.

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