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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question here on the FAQ page please use the Contact Us button above to submit your question to us, all inquiries are answered within 1 business day.

Are the data still held in the GPS units memory after the remote download?

Are there tutorial videos available?

Are your GPS units showing the low battery level on arrival?

Can I become your distributor?

Can I buy one unit to test?

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Can I change the GPS positioning schedule after deployment?

Can I choose my own VHF frequency?

Can I download activity data using my base station?

Can I download my software more than once?

Can I get customer support on weekends?

Can I get my batteries replaced?

Can I get references?

Can I heat shrink the two antennas protruding from my collars?

Can I see my data on a map?

Can I use my cell phone to get data?

Can I use my UHF antenna for the purpose of VHF?

Can I use pet tracking devices for my wildlife research?

Can I use your product on my pet(s)?

Can I use your products to track my pigeon, hawk, or falcon?

Can the data be transmitted by satellite signal?

Can you program my GPS for me?

Daylight Saving Time occurs while my GPS devices are deployed, are my devices and my data going to be alright?

Do I need remote download option?

Do they drop off?

Do they work in forests or jungles?

Does the Collar SW software work on tablets?

How accurate are the GPS positions?

How do I determine how much weight my study animal can carry?

How do I know which GPS is right for our study?

How do I place an order?

How do I request service or a repair?

How do the GPS units work?

How does the long range remote download work?

How does the satellite data download work?

How does the short range remote download function work?

How far away can I be during a remote download?

How long does my rechargeable battery GPS unit take to charge?

How long is the battery life?

How long will it take to receive my order?

How long will my VHF Transmitter last?

How should I test my GPS units prior to deployment?

I am a broker looking for GPS tracking devices for my client.

I do not hear my VHF signal even though I am on the exact frequency listed on the label. Why is this?

I need a tool to tighten the collar brackets. What size tool should I buy?

Is it difficult to use the product?

Is the GPS unit user programmable?

Is the GPS unit waterproof?

Is the remote data download possible through water?

Is your Telemetry Solutions a new company?

My user software does not recognize the GPS when I attempt to connect at my computer. Why is this?

Should I test my remote connection before deployment?

The operating system of my computer is Japanese/Chinese/Korean. Can I use it?

We are not going to use our devices for a long period of time and plan on storing them. I have turned the devices off but was wondering if it is good to power them on every once in a while.

What are the differences between Quantum 4000 Enhanced and FLR V products?

What can I do to get perfect data?

What do I do with the antennas?

What exactly is Smart GPS?

What if my GPS gets destroyed?

What if my GPS gets lost?

What if my GPS stopped working?

What is a base station?

What is a GPS?

What is telemetry?

What is the difference between a transmitter and a GPS?

What is the requirement for receiving data using my computer?

What is the typical order process?

What kind of applications can you make?

What kind of data does the activity sensor produce?

What kind of data other than locations can I get using GPS?

What type of data is my Iridium unit sending?

When I open a data file through the data page in Collar SW all I see is the headers and no data! Does this mean that the GPS didn't log any positions?

When programming the Motion parameter control in Collar SW, does the calendar take the activity schedule into consideration when providing me with an estimated battery life calculation?

Where can I find the user manual?

While attempting to run my Collar SW that I had just installed, I am getting an error that says Run-Time Error 6: OVERFLOW.

Why am I receiving an error stating Old user data found. Please move directory data from C:Program Files(x86)Collar SW to C: Program Files(x86)Collar SW.?

Why do I have a flashing red battery gauge on the Settings page in Collar SW?

Why do I need the base station?

Why does GPS equipment cost so much?

Why don't they work by cell phone?

Why is there an open USB port? Doesn't that let water in?

Why should I buy from you?

Will a GPS from Telemetry Solutions provide me with real-time GPS data?

Will a solar-powered GPS log nighttime positions?

Will the GPS be able to acquire locations in all terrain?

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