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Competitive advantages

Robust activity sensor for collars of any size!

It is an advanced activity sensing device integrated into the wildlife GPS tracking package. User programmability sets this device apart from all others. It is much more sophisticated than other activity logging devices that you may have heard about or had experience with. It adds nothing to the size of the product but adds a great deal to your data set.
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GPS Additional Time

Historically GPS collars allow the user to set a limit for the amount of time a GPS receiver can remain on attempting to acquire a GPS location. The user sets the GPS "timeout." The GPS receiver normally turns off right after a location is acquired and saves the battery (see map on left side), often times beating the "timeout" limit. While The Quantum 4000 does operate in this manner, you also have the opportunity to force the GPS receiver to remain on for some length of time even after a GPS location has been acquired. This has a dramatic effect on precision and we recommend it. (Click map below.)

Programming method, Interval versus Template

For our Quantum 4000 model we offer you two choices regarding the method by which the unit is programmed to turn on to attempt GPS locations. They are known as the Interval Method and the Template Method.

Using the Interval method you may program the Quantum 4000 units to turn on at some fixed interval. Once chosen the interval is fixed and adhered to throughout the life of the unit. The interval may either be some number of minutes or some number of hours. This allows you to easily program your collar to record GPS positions on a schedule that continually rolls ahead day by day. For example, chosing a 5 hour interval you will obtain GPS positions at different times each day until finally, after 5 days, the schedule comes back to the time at which you originally started.

Using the Template method, you have the ability to program over 20 templates with up to 255* fix attempts spread throughout the day in any manner you choose. These templates are then applied to specific days in the year.

*Limit of the user software, not the collar.
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