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News relating to Telemetry Solutions GPS tracking devices for wildlife studies

  • October 2016

    160 Gram Solar GPS/Iridium collar

    The obvious next step in our lightweight GPS/Iridium product line is charging the batteries with a built-in, flexible solar panel. Also available in pod format.

  • September 2016

    GPS Iridium Collars Adjustable Both Sides...shipping now

    For species like feral pigs it is important to keep the GPS and Iridium antennas at the back of the neck. If not then data may not be collected nor transmitted to the end user.

    This is complicated by the fact that collar adjustment is typically only on one side of the collar due to the wires running from the batteries at the bottom to the electronics at the top. These wires prevent adjustment on that side of the collar resulting in offset antennas.

    In the worst cases the collar totally rotates and the antennas are pointing toward the ground. Telemetry Solutions has solved this with a GPS Iridium collar that is adjustable on both sides insuring that the antennas remain dead center at the back of the neck for optimum performance.

  • August 2016

    230 gram GPS Iridium collars begin shipping

    Prompted by wildlife biologists that needed lighter weight GPS collars transmitting data by satellite Telemetry Solutions has reduced our GPS collars down to as little as 160 grams. The first of these were ordered at a slightly heavier weight and shipped to The Save The Tasmanian Devil Project.

  • July 2016

    Telemetry Solutions helps student scientist tracks snakes

    Read the article on The Washington Times!

  • February 2016

    Change in Iridium

    When logging into the Telemetry Solutions Satellite Data website to view your Iridium data, there will now be two new columns. These columns are titled GPS and IR. These columns display the battery voltages of the GPS battery and the Iridium battery at the time of each GPS attempt. Using these new columns, it will make it easier to know when your batteries are close to expiring.