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News relating to Telemetry Solutions GPS tracking devices for wildlife studies

  • April 2012

    Low Cost Elephant Tracking Device Introduced

    The elephant is a very special animal but not such a difficult species to make a tracking device for. Now Telemetry Solutions has a relatively low cost solution for your elephant tracking project that allows you to gather GPS position data from elephants by logging into our website and viewing the GPS data online. Data are transferred from the device on the elephant to you via satellite. The product is very rugged and waterproof. Delivery times are short.

  • April 2012

    Australian Sales brought in-house

    To better serve our customers in Australia we have taken over the sales duties from the sales rep company that had been working with us. The end result is faster and more precise replies to your inquiries. Our products lend themselves specifically to many of the interesting projects from Australia because our equipment is so small and light. Sales inquiries from Australia are often dealt with via email and phone as we find the phone communication to be highly desired by many of our Australian clients.