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News relating to Telemetry Solutions GPS tracking devices for wildlife studies

  • March 2014

    New Enhanced Solar GPS starting at 20 grams

    If your study animal can carry a GPS unit that weighs more than 20 grams, our solar charging GPS might be the way to save your battery life. With the recently enhanced technology, a solar unit can be charged even if it is a bit overcast. Read more >>

    1. Weight = 20 grams minimum
    2. Time to begin working from dead battery (total overcast sky) = 3 hours
    3. Time to begin working from dead battery (intense sunlight) = <1 hour
    4. Remote data download available

  • March 2014

    Affordable lightweight GPS starting at 3 grams - FLR II

    We announced our exciting new development in the last issue of our news and wanted to give you an update. Development has been completed. The first batch of units will be in production in April 2014. This product is expected to be available in summer 2014. Be the first one to try the lightest ever GPS units! Read more >>