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Telemetry Solutions Newsletters regarding GPS tracking devices for wildlife studies

  • October 2017

    User Replaceable Battery Option Available for Small Mammals

    Micro GPS collars with user replaceable batteries for GPS collars 20 grams and up.

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  • May 2017

    GPS with range up to 6 kilometers at high volume pricing for limited time only

    Introducing our most recent development, the Q4000ER starting at 20 grams including battery.

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  • October 2016

    GPS Collars revealing movements of mysterious species in the wild

    Telemetry Solutions' GPS Iridium Collars providing new insights into movements of translocated Tasmanian devils in the wild.

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  • August 2016

    Monitoring Released Tasmanian Devils with Iridium Collars'

    32 lightweight GPS Iridium Collars on Tasmanian Devils have just been deployed. The final weight of the male collars was 250 grams, the female collars were 225 grams.

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  • June 2016

    Lightweight Iridium Collars Starting at 200 grams!

    Our customers needed lightweight GPS Iridium Collars for Tasmanian Devils so we did it! This Lightweight GPS Iridium Collar starts at 200 grams with options including VHF Transmitter.

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