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Wildlife GPS tracking by Satellite

Starting at 200 grams

These small, custom made collars allow for 2-way communication via the Iridium satellite network. So not only do the data come to your phone or computer but you can change settings from there as well. You can change the GPS settings, the Iridium transmission interval, the drop off date/time or you can trigger a drop off on demand.

A device without a collar can be built as light as 100 grams. Collars start at 200 grams. Battery life is customized based upon your needs and the maximum allowable device weight. We have several different battery combinations that we can use. Contact us to learn more based upon your needs.

All equipment is backed by our 12 month warranty and customer support 5 days per week as well as online tutorials, FAQs and a troubleshooting guide.

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Lightweight Iridium Collar > 200 grams

Lightweight Iridium Collar > 200 grams

Standard Features

  • Satellite Communication from collar directly to you
  • Last in, first out GPS positions to your email
  • Update GPS schedule from your computer or phone
  • Change data transmission interval from computer or phone
  • Change drop off date and time from computer or phone if equipped with drop off
  • Command device to drop now if equipped with drop off


  • GPS data mapped and emailed to you and your colleagues
  • VHF radio beacon
  • Drop off mechanism
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Expandable collar
  • Breakaway
Suitable Species: Feral Cat, Fox, Tasmanian Devil