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GPS collar specifically designed for badgers

Featuring automatic, unattended, wireless download of GPS data

Designed to study the movements of badgers in relation to cattle in order to determine if disease is being transmitted from badgers to cattle. The Telemetry Solutions badger collar is a wise compromise between going overboard with weight and using a collar with a battery that is too small. This fits into the category that we refer to as the medium mammal collar.

Unlike the illustration below our badger collars utilize internal UHF and VHF antennas. Click here for an actual photo of a badger with our GPS collar on it and read about The Badger Cattle Contact Project in UK.

Medium GPS Collar

Medium wildlife GPS Collar
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Standard Features

  • User sets customized GPS schedule
  • User can change GPS schedule remotely (remote option required)
  • GPS additional time for increased GPS precision
  • VHF radio beacon for tracking in the field
  • Multiple references happily provided