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Micro GPS for Bat

7 grams and up including remote, automatic data download

Custom made for you, these micro GPS data loggers have automated, remote data download to a base station in the field. The base station is waterproof, has a 5 day battery life before it needs a charge and requires no humans, no cables....nothing external. And it is tough, you can drive a truck over it....we did just that and the base station was not affected. Telemetry Solutions produces micro GPS data loggers in large quantities just for bats!

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Bat & Small Bird GPS

Bat & Small Bird GPS
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Standard Features

  • Automated, remote human required
  • Smart GPS for more battery life and more useful data sets
  • User able to change GPS schedule remotely
  • GPS additional time for increased GPS precision
  • On/off switch and temperature output in data file


  • Shape shifting circuit board to accommodate bats and birds
  • Alternative GPS schedule upon detection of flight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Activity data logging including customized sensing parameters