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Miniature GPS for Bat

Reliable GPS with remote data download as light as 30 grams!

Our GPS data loggers start at just 2 grams. The weight increases in very small increments as larger batteries are used. Telemetry Solutions is already producing GPS data loggers in large quantities just for bats!

Since you already know where the bats rest you are probably more interested in their foraging destinations. Our free user interface software will prove extremely useful as you program your bat GPS data loggers to acquire GPS positions at the dates and times that you need them. That prevents using precious battery life at times when the bats are just hanging around.

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Bat & Small Bird GPS

Bat & Small Bird GPS
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Standard Features

  • User creates unique GPS programming schedule
  • Outputs GPS position and temperature
  • Waterproof
  • User controls relationship between battery longevity and GPS precision
  • Tested to withstand pressure from diving birds


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