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Miniature GPS tracking device for Bush Dog

Reliable GPS with remote data download as light as 30 grams!

Collaring a species like the bush dog requires one to be aware of the wet environment that this animal lives in. The Telemetry Solutions GPS collars are built with this in mind. In addition it is important that one consider using the Smart GPS option to eliminate the potential for high numbers of missed GPS locations during the times at which the animal is sheltered in hollow logs or burrows.

And it is paramount that the interaction between you the client, and us the manufacturer, is clear and complete prior to order placement. This ensures that the product you receive will work well for bush dogs. Remember to ask us about Smart GPS. Please click on the how it works button below for more information about these GPS collars for bush dogs.

Small GPS Collar

Small GPS collar starting at 60 grams, weight includes remote download
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Standard Features

  • Custom GPS schedule created by user
  • Smart GPS extends battery life far beyond normal
  • GPS additional time for more precise GPS positions
  • Temperature output with GPS data
  • Change GPS schedule remotely (requires remote option)


Suitable Species: American Marten, Banded Hare-wallaby, Banded Mongoose, Bettong / Rat Kangaroo, Brown Hare, Bush Dog, Civet, Cottontail Rabbit, Deer fawn, European Rabbit, Feral Cat, Fisher, Ground Cuscus / Possum, Hare, Honey Bear / Kinkajou / Potos Flavus, Island Fox, Japanese Leopard Cat, Kit Fox, Marten, Mountain Hare, Northern Quoll, Nuttalls Cottontail, Possum, Prairie Dog, Pronghorn fawn, Quokka, Rabbit, Raccoon, Rock Hyrax, Rufous hare wallaby, Skunk, Snowshoe Hare, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Squirrel, Tasmanian Devil, Variegated squirrel


Standard Features

  • Remote GPS data download by wireless
  • Manual or automatic data download to base station
  • Smart GPS - extends battery life, increases relevant data in output
  • Ability to change GPS schedule remotely
  • GPS additional time, increases GPS precision
  • On/off switch, set GPS schedule now....deploy later


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Activity data logging on your terms, you set detection parameters
  • Water switch for turtle work, extends battery life
  • Alternative GPS schedule based upon specific animal movements
  • Shape shifting circuit to fit smaller neck circumferences
Suitable Species: American Marten, Baboon, Banded Mongoose, Beaver, Bettong / Rat Kangaroo, Black and White Tegu, Bridled nailtail wallaby, Brown Hare, Brush-tailed possum, Bush Dog, Chinese Ferret Badger, Civet, Cottontail Rabbit, Crab-eating Macaque, Crab-Eating Mongoose, Deer fawn, Eurasian badgers, European Rabbit, Feral Cat, Fisher, Flying Fox, Fruit Bat, Ghost bat, Golden Jackel, Hawaiian Crow, Japanese Macaque, Ledbetter Possum, Macaca Sylvanus, Monitor Lizard, Northern Quoll, Oilbird, Pangolin, Pond Turtle, Pseudemys Gorzugi, Pygmy Rabbit, Rufous hare wallaby, Scaly-Tailed Possum, Stout Iguana, Swamp Wallaby, Wallaby, Weasel, Western Painted Turtle, Wood Turtle