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Automatic GPS data download for Chinchillas

19 gram GPS package includes radio beacon

As of 2017 this wildlife tracking technology is normal but just a few years back you would not believe that from a 19 gram Chinchilla GPS you could expect long GPS battery life and a long range remote data download.....that is actually automatic so that GPS data will download to base stations without your input.

Lightweight GPS collars for small mammal tracking has come a long way. The biologists using this product for their Chilean wildlife work only had to search the web to find this product so GPS in Chile is as advanced as GPS collars anywhere.

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FLR V Collar

FLR V Collar

Standard Features

  • GPS data download remotely and automatically to base station
  • Smart GPS for more relevant data and longer battery life
  • Change your GPS schedule remotely
  • GPS additional time increases precision of GPS positions
  • On/off switch


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Drop off mechanism on some configurations
  • Activity data logged
  • VHF transmitter
Suitable Species: Banded Hare-wallaby, Burrowing Bettong, Chinchilla, Raccoon