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Patagial GPS tags for Condor

With solar power and automatic data download

Because the condor is restricted to primarily gliding and weighs an astonishing 13kg, the weight of an avian GPS tracking device is extremely important. As a result, Telemetry Solutions has made a exceptionally lightweight and low profile solar powered patagial GPS tag that weighs 47grams. The weight of our bird GPS data logger will not compromise the flight and hunting patterns of the condor which in return will give better and more accurate results.

Our GPS devices for birds offer an array of options for you to choose from such as an activity data logger, automatic and remote data download. We test all of our patagial GPS tags in an environmental chamber to insure reliability in the field. These units are put under punishing temperatures ranges from -40C. to 40C. Any units with marginal performance are discarded.

Not only do we pride ourselves in our equipment, we believe that our staff is the best in the business. We have a knowledgeable sales team that will suggest the perfect patagial GPS data logger for you and we have a highly experienced customer support team that will assist you with the technical aspects of learning how to use the product after delivery. We will answer all of your inquiries within 1 business day.

Solar Patagial GPS Tag

Get thousands of GPS positions without a huge cost!
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Standard Features

  • GPS positions triggered by the sun
  • Large memory stores thousands of GPS positions
  • Speed and heading output


Suitable Species: California Condor, Condor