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Waterproof GPS with wireless data transfer for Growling Grass Frogs

Specifically designed with small footprint

Whether you need a small form factor, solar power, heavy waterproofing, or an extra strong housing, Telemetry Solutions' extensive experience in building pods and backpacks will be invaluable to your study.

FLR V < 10g

Small GPS data logger < 10 grams
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Standard Features

  • GPS data downloads remotely and automatically to base station
  • Base station has 5 day battery life before needing a charge
  • Smart GPS is standard....increases battery life without sacrificing data
  • GPS additional time increases precision of recorded locations
  • Starting at 7 grams and up


  • Alternative GPS schedule based upon specific animal movements
  • Shape shifting electronic circuit to fit study species
  • Activity data logger
  • GPS always on mode
Suitable Species: Bandicoot, Bat, Fruit Bat, Growling Grass Frogs, Ledbetter Possum, Lizards, Snakes, Spotted Turtle