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Owl GPS Tracking Device

Blakiston's Owl tracker only 63 grams total weight

Approached by one of our clients to design a GPS tracking device for Blakiston's Owl we thought that the desired specifications were a bit extreme. There is nothing unusual about that, you can't get what you don't ask for. The issue at hand had to do with performance versus weight. In this industry there is often a conflict between the number of GPS positions desired and the maximum allowable weight of the GPS tracking device.

This case was further complicated by the fact that the owls in question dive into the ocean for food. So we had to make the device quite low profile. As it turned out we managed to keep the overall height to less than 2 cm.

Please click on the how it works button for more information about this device.

Raptor GPS

GPS backpack for Raptors
Product Sheet »

Standard Features

  • User programmable GPS schedule
  • GPS additional time increases precision of GPS positions
  • Change GPS schedule remotely (requires remote option)
  • VHF radio beacon
  • Temperature output with GPS positions


Suitable Species: Ferruginous Hawk, Golden Eagle, Goshawk, Hawk, Owl, White-tailed Eagle

Small GPS Backpack

Lightweight GPS  for Small Mammals
Product Sheet »

Standard Features

  • Automatic, remote GPS data download to base station
  • Smart GPS for longer battery life and fewer redundant GPS positions
  • GPS additional time for more precise GPS position data
  • On/off switch
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Alternative GPS schedule triggered by specific behavior
Suitable Species: Lizards, Owl, Pangolin