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GPS tail mount for raven as light as 19 grams

With an extra 1.2 grams, add user replaceable VHF transmitter

Starting at 2 grams we offer a myriad of bird GPS tracking choices that include intensive GPS positioning, custom low profile design, light weight, automatic and remote GPS data download. Our ordering process is honed to eliminate complication and ensure that your waterproof, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic seabird GPS data loggers will be designed for you with the features you need.

Value added options such as the Smart GPS feature will eliminate squandering precious battery life on behavior like nesting while focusing more on GPS positioning during flight.

Bird GPS Data Logger

GPS backpack for shorebirds
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Standard Features

  • GPS additional time for highly precise GPS positions
  • Remote and automated GPS data download
  • Smart GPS for longer battery life and more relevant data
  • Ability to change GPS schedule remotely
  • On/Off switch


  • Bendable circuit board to shape and fit bird properly
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Alternative GPS schedule when flight is detected
  • Activity logging in 3 axes
Suitable Species: Barred Owl, Hawaiian Moorhen, Pelican, Petrels, Raven, Shearwater