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Waterproof GPS with wireless data transfer for River Turtles

Specifically designed with small carapace footprint

Whether you need a small form factor, solar power, heavy waterproofing, or an extra strong housing, Telemetry Solutions' extensive experience in building pods and backpacks will be invaluable to your study.

Turtle & Tortoise GPS Backpack

GPS backpack
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Standard Features

  • Automatic, remote data download
  • User can change GPS schedule in the field
  • GPS additional time for more precise GPS positions
  • On/off switch
  • Temperature output with GPS positions


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water switch skips scheduled GPS position if turtle is underwater (GPS will not work under water)
Suitable Species: Blandings Turtle, Eastern Box Turtle, Pseudemys Gorzugi, River Turtle, Tortoise, Western Pond Turtles, Wood Turtle

FLR V > 10g

Small GPS data logger > 10 grams
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Standard Features

  • GPS data download remotely and automatically to base station
  • Smart GPS for more relevant data and longer battery life
  • Change your GPS schedule remotely
  • GPS additional time increases precision of GPS positions
  • On/off switch


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Drop off mechanism on some configurations
  • Water Switch available for turtle applications
  • Activity data logged
  • VHF transmitter
Suitable Species: Bat, Blandings Turtle, Dugite Snake & Skink, Eastern Box Turtle, Fruit Bat, Hawaiian Crow, Ledbetter Possum, Lizards, Oilbird, River Turtle, Snakes, Tortoise, Western Pond Turtles