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Waterproof GPS with wireless data transfer for Western Pond Turtles

Specifically designed with small carapace footprint

Whether you need a small form factor, solar power, heavy waterproofing, or an extra strong housing, Telemetry Solutions' extensive experience in building pods and backpacks will be invaluable to your study.

Click to read about a local study on Western Pond Turtles in Martinez, CA at the Mt. view Sanitary District.

Turtle & Tortoise GPS Backpack

GPS backpack
Product Sheet »

Standard Features

  • Automatic, remote data download
  • User can change GPS schedule in the field
  • GPS additional time for more precise GPS positions
  • On/off switch
  • Temperature output with GPS positions


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water switch skips scheduled GPS position if turtle is underwater (GPS will not work under water)
Suitable Species: Blandings Turtle, Eastern Box Turtle, Pseudemys Gorzugi, River Turtle, Tortoise, Western Pond Turtles, Wood Turtle

FLR V > 10g

Small GPS data logger > 10 grams
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Standard Features

  • GPS data download remotely and automatically to base station
  • Smart GPS for more relevant data and longer battery life
  • Change your GPS schedule remotely
  • GPS additional time increases precision of GPS positions
  • On/off switch


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Drop off mechanism on some configurations
  • Water Switch available for turtle applications
  • Activity data logged
  • VHF transmitter
Suitable Species: Bat, Blandings Turtle, Dugite Snake & Skink, Eastern Box Turtle, Fruit Bat, Hawaiian Crow, Ledbetter Possum, Lizards, Oilbird, River Turtle, Snakes, Tortoise, Western Pond Turtles