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Solar GPS data loggers for California Condors

GPS data transmits automatically to base station

For about 25 years California Condors have been carrying various types of electronics on their wings. In that time Telemetry Solutions has developed and supplied two different electronic packages for Condors.

The more interesting of the two is a GPS data logger with an ultra capacitor charged by a solar panel. In the field GPS data are transmitted over a UHF transceiver to a base station. A wildlife biologist then downloads the data from the base station to their laptop.

This product is very different from a GPS data logger with a rechargeable battery charged by a solar panel. The biggest difference is the extraordinary number of GPS positions that can be generated daily. Please click on how it works and watch the video below to learn more about this product.

Solar Patagial GPS Tag

Get thousands of GPS positions without a huge cost!
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Standard Features

  • GPS positions triggered by the sun
  • Large memory stores thousands of GPS positions
  • Speed and heading output


Suitable Species: California Condor, Condor