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Water Switch Option for Turtle Research

Maximize GPS Data and Battery Life and more!

GPS satellites constantly send out signals. Those signals can be received by GPS devices all over the world. But GPS signals do not penetrate water. Therefore GPS data loggers on turtles will fail to record a GPS position if the turtle is under water.

Telemetry Solutions has solved this with our GPS water switch. Not only will the water switch detect water and modify your GPS schedule so that you actually get more GPS positions it will also act independently of the GPS and tell you when the turtle was in and out of water throughout the day. Click below to learn more.

Turtle & Tortoise GPS Backpack

GPS backpack
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Standard Features

  • Automatic, remote data download
  • User can change GPS schedule in the field
  • GPS additional time for more precise GPS positions
  • On/off switch
  • Temperature output with GPS positions


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water switch skips scheduled GPS position if turtle is underwater (GPS will not work under water)
Suitable Species: Eastern Box Turtle, Pseudemys Gorzugi, River Turtle, Tortoise, Western Pond Turtles, Wood Turtle