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Collars between 50 to 200 grams

Automated, long range data transfer, drone operation compatible

With a long range, automated wireless remote data download, the possibility to change GPS settings remotely and a superior GPS antenna the Q4000ER fills a need in the middle of the collar range. At the small end of the scale we make this for fisher size animals while the upper end is made for lynx size animals. The collars will be built to order for you, to meet your requirements with the animals' welfare as priority one. The Q4000ER is the result of a ground up redesign of our Q4000E that had been in production and evolving for 8 years. Each Q4000ER GPS collar includes a VHF transmitter and is backed by our customer support department open 5 days per week. In addition we have online resources that are available to you all the time. To learn more please click on the How it Works button below or click on the Contact Us button above to submit an inquiry for more information or call 925-798-1942.