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Small GPS modules - giant battery life

Field proven feature available to you now

Smart GPS is an optional feature used to increase your GPS modules' battery longevity. To understand it you must first understand these concepts.

  • GPS timeout: You have a small battery in the GPS so we can't just allow the GPS to turn on and stay on indefinitely because some field conditions and habitat will prevent the GPS from acquiring satellites. If we were to allow the GPS to just stay on the battery would be depleted in 1 day. Therefore there is a time limit that you set to restrict the amount of time for which the GPS is allowed to remain on when it is attempting to acquire satellites and record a GPS position. This is referred to as the GPS timeout. For the sake of this discussion let's use 90 seconds as the GPS timeout.
  • GPS time to fix: The amount of time the GPS actually uses to acquire satellites and record a GPS positon. Often, in good field conditions this can be just 40 seconds or less.

Successful GPS location attempts normally have a GPS time to fix that is much less than the GPS timeout and that saves battery. Unsuccessful GPS location attempts have a GPS time to fix that equals the GPS timeout thereby draining your battery to the max with no benefit to your data set. Smart GPS reduces the number of unsuccessful GPS location attempts which in turn reduces the number of instances in which the GPS reaches the maximum timeout and that saves battery. If this does not make sense yet, read this section again before moving on. If it does make sense click the How It Works button below for a more detailed explanation of the Smart GPS feature.