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Customer feedback leads to new features

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

We have been very pleased with the reception of our GPS Quantum collar.  It is selling well and to continue that trend we have begun to implement new features.  Currently we are concentrating on the additon of armor to prevent feral pigs from destroying any part of the collar.  We are making several modifications to make the Quantum 5000 tougher and better.  By the very nature of the fact that the pigs are low to the ground, some GPS collars can drag on the ground and this will wear out a plastic housing.  Our housing is low profile and aluminum but we are still adding a layer of armor to protect it there.  Pigs will also rub their necks on trees and depending upon how the GPS antenna is secured it can come off.  We are adding another level of armor at that point so that the pig will not get the chance to even rub the GPS antenna.  And rubbing their necks can damage collar material too.  A layer of Kevlar is added to prevent this.  We have two other changes that we are making, not related to armor.  One is to weld the threaded studs that come off of the collar where the belting is secured closed. No one needs to be in the field and find that the studs are not 100% secured in place.  Finally, to make a great fit to the pig’s neck we have added a curved insert at the bottom of the collar.  This will make everything nice and round so the collar won’t slip off.  If you have any ideas of your own that you believe can make GPS collars better please drop us a line.  Thank you, Quintin