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Spinal surgery and GPS collars for wildlife

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Today I was in a conversation with one of America’s premier back surgeons.  We were talking about patients whose lives are completely transformed (for the better)  by back surgery.  He suggested that it’s all about patient selection.  He said that spinal surgery has gotten a bad reputation but it’s because operations are often performed on patients who don’t fit the criteria for a good outcome.

GPS collars seem to fit this pattern as well.  Not all projects using GPS collars on wild animals will have a good outcome and sometimes this is because the animal in question just isn’t a good fit for the technology.  Being that I make my income manufacturing GPS collars for wildlife projects this may seem like a strange thing for me to say but it’s true.  When the criteria for a good outcome are not met it’s the responsibility of the vendor to enlighten the potential user to this.  But the user must also bear the responsibility for undertaking a certain amount of “experimentation” when the decision is made to put a GPS collar on a wild animal. 

This is a conversation worth having.  Think about it and talk about it with your collar vendor and the potential for a good outcome will most likely improve.

Quintin Kermeen