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Visit to Institute for Raptor Biomedicine

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit The Institute for Raptor Biomedicine in Kushiro Japan.  The institute is run by Dr. Keisuke Saito a wildlife vet who not only treats injured raptors but has a fantastic arsenal of rehabilitation facilities.  If a bird can be returned to the wild it is but if it cannot be, then it earns its keep by helping Dr. Saito do things like determine at what speed a rotating windmill blade can be detected by a Stellar’s Sea Eagle.   Dr. Saito is using Telemetry Solutions GPS data loggers on Stellar’s Sea Eagles that fly back and forth between Hokkaido and Russia.  Getting the data by wireless right from his research station is much easier than trekking over to Russia with electronic gear that they don’t want to allow in their country.

After surgery, in rehab

Dr. Saito explaining his antenna array