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GPS collars at Christmas time

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I continue to eat, sleep and breathe GPS collars.  Telemetry Solutions has the best crew ever and even the employees don’t quit thinking about their work after the shop is closed.  Typically December is busy but January is off the hook.  Customers tend to hold back until after the holidays and then we are hit with a barrage of orders.  In North America wildlife tracking collar orders seem to be at their peak in January.  We really wouldn’t mind if some of our customers just dropped us a line in December so that we could get a bit of a jump on the new year.  I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m whining about it, but everyone wants equipment yesterday and that’s hard to do when everyone orders at the same time.  So please let us know what your plans are for January.  Much appreciated.


Wrapping up 2009 with much more data per collar

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Please keep your requests coming, it is through our customers’ needs that we move this technology forward.  The latest development will result in much more data…..useful data …..from small collars.  Anything you need, please let us know.


Powerful benefit for you, new activity sensor added to our smallest GPS

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Not only will you know if the animal moved, you can set a threshold below which movement data is not recorded so that you are in complete control over what types of movement are logged into the GPS collars’ memory.  You will also know the intensity of the movement.  You may set the sampling rate from 4 times per second to one time every four seconds.   The activity programming is in your hands and is very flexible.

Interpreting the activity data output is made easy for you in 2 ways.  First, pre or post deployment you can connect your Quantum 4000 Enhanced GPS collar to your PC or laptop by USB cable and make various movements with the collar.  This allows you to observe, in real time, how the activity sensor indicates different movements.  Second, when connected by USB cable checking movement data in real time you will not only see the numerical output but you will also see the activity displayed in a graphical format.  Again, these are strictly to facilitate your understanding of how the outputs relate to the movements being made.

But you can also request x,y and z outputs and if you so desire we can tie the activity feature into the GPS functionality so that the GPS will not turn off is no movement is detected for some period of time before a scheduled GPS location.  For small collars with limited GPS battery life this is a great way to increase the lifetime (and therefore the data) that you can expect from a small GPS collar.

Image left, no activity....image right, intense activity

No activity vs. activity

But where are your small ones?

Monday, October 26th, 2009

It seems that just the other day a 200 gram wildlife GPS collar was considered really light.  I was at a wildlife conference last month, a 50 gram GPS collar was on display on our table.  Someone picked it up, looked at me with disappointment and said, “Where are your small ones?” I took that kind of personally.  But as Tom Hayden said, “It’s business Sonny, not personal.”  Ok, so I got over it.

Friday we built our smallest GPS unit ever, 6.7 grams. We built this for a bat, it slips onto a Holohil VHF collar using the passageway at the bottom.  Seems that we have come a long way since 200 grams was the lightest GPS collar for wildlife.

GPS for bats

GPS for bats

Small GPS for birds

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

I recently had an opportunity to travel to a bird research station located on an island in the western USA.  After inquiring about our Quantum 4000 Feather-Lite GPS units for birds, the biologists involved were kind enough to extend an invitation to their field site.  Keeping the GPS at or below 13 grams is the goal for the project.  We will use a solar panel to charge the power source for the GPS unit.

It was certainly refreshing to get out of the office for a change.  More information about these small GPS units will be available in September.  Quintin

Approaching the island Residents