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Reporting fear.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The news is full of doom and gloom these days isn’t it?  But here at Telemetry Solutions we have never been busier.  I recently wrote to one local news anchor complaining that he focuses too much on a poor economy.  I suggested that he would not be remiss in his duties if he skipped a day reporting on the bad economy and instead focused on something a little more positive, an interview with me for example.  Needless to say I didn’t hear back.

We are pressing on with new developments in 2009.  Certain projects were slated to get underway and get underway they will.

The nice man from Homeland Security

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Getting a call from Homeland Security ranks right up there with letters from The IRS in your mailbox.  They were polite when they asked to schedule an interview in my office.  “It’s just routine,” they said. 

When the agent arrived I asked to see his I.D.  He told me that only 1 in 100 people ask to see his I.D.  Mostly people just answer his questions with no proof of who he really is.  Scary.  Anyway, I asked to see it and he gladly showed it to me.  The interview consisted of a battery of questions about what we do here.  It was a pretty short interview.  He was a nice guy and we talked about his job.  On the one hand it’s annoying to be  interrupted with bureaucratic tasks but it was nice to see that they are actually out and about doing a job.  He was interested in our products, I showed him around and he left. 

The Fire Department used to make spot inspections….but I haven’t seen them in years.  They usually find something to complain about but they keep us on our toes.  OSHA wouldn’t like to see any of the devices that we abuse new GPS collar designs with.  They are all motorized destruction devices…..turn the speed regulator the wrong way and they get dangerous.  Maybe that would be an interesting video addition to our website.  But we’ll have to think of a new name for one of these devices, the name we use here in the shop isn’t something we want to put into print. 🙂


The Bear Police

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Today I heard a news report on the radio about a bear cub in Ventura California wandering into a back yard.  Apparently the cub took advantage of the homeowners’ hot tub before returning to the woods.  The police stood by and “allowed” the bear to go on its merry way.  Maybe the police should have moved the homeowners to a safe house while a bear proof fence could be constructed and the people fitted with bear-proof suits? While the police were in the area they could also have done a sweep for mountian lions, raccoons, spiders and ants.  I mean really, can all of these creatures be allowed to live near humans?  Maybe those folks could just bite the bullet and move in to Los Angeles proper.  No bears to harm them there……rather they might just find strangers in their hot tub.

At least I can vent on this blog now rather than only shouting back at the news report on the radio. 


More air, less office.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Being tied to a desk is something that our clients try to avoid but many find themselves spending more time in the office as their careers progress.  It’s no different here at my office but in October I began making an effort to turn the tide.  I decided that I would begin hiking one Saturday per month rather than coming into the office every Saturday.  My first foray was to Yosemite.  Granted there was more driving than hiking since it was a day trip.  But I did manage a hike and was rewarded with a coyote crossing our path, stopping to look at us for a moment before disappearing from sight again.  The coyote didn’t have a GPS collar and I found myself looking at its neck trying to guess the neck circumference.  Last month a short jaunt to The Golden Gate National Recreation Area exposed me to an area that I had driven past for years and never took advantage of.  Let’s see how long I keep it up. 


Eric York – One of our very first customers.

Monday, November 5th, 2007

This weekend, we received bad news that Eric York died Friday, November 2.

Eric and I had a business relationship that went like this: In 1996 Eric contacted me to make coyote and bobcat VHF collars for him. Eric was very easy to talk to, he was straight forward, patient and friendly. Eric never tried to rush to get off the phone even when I had gotten completely off the subject. He never said, “Gotta go, “ He was patient enough to explain his projects’ goals to me when I asked even though I’m sure he had better things to do. In 1998 I met Eric in person in Thousand Oaks, CA. We were going to try out a new GPS collar together in the habitat where he worked. By this time we had established a friendly relationship and when Eric told me to meet him at 4 the next day he added, “that’s 4 in the morning, you desk jockeys don’t know that 4 o’clock comes around twice every day.” No offense taken, it was part of his friendly demeanor and we joked like this for years. I decided that I would show up earlier so that Eric would see first hand that I was just as able to be up early as him. At 3:30 the next morning I rolled into the parking lot and damn it, Eric was already there! By the time the sun had risen we were done with the hardest part of the hike and it was already 80°. We were testing the collar and Eric was checking traps. In the second trap he checked there was a skunk. He tranquilized the skunk and took it out of the trap. It was very hot outside. Eric laid the skunk in the shade and we moved on. Over the years we continued to talk by phone, the friendly banter continued and I always looked forward to talking to Eric. He recently went to Pakistan to trap snow leopards. That trip provided fodder for more long conversations prompted by me and possibly dreaded by Eric, but he continued his patience and answered all of my questions. In September this year I saw Eric in Tucson. As we shook hands Eric’s grip was extremely firm. So we hand a little competition in the hand shake department. Then, a week ago today I was talking to Eric on the phone. I told him that I had finally seen my first bobcat. He was excited to hear it until I told him that it was in a zoo. Then Eric declared, “Doesn’t count.” Then we had a fun conversation, I had no idea it would be our last. Like many people, I’ll miss Eric.