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A New Way?

As you may already know, Telemetry Solutions is working on changing the way things are done in this industry. This blog is part of that change. I think that this industry needs to shift the focus onto the customers. It seems to me that for years the focus has been on the manufacturers doing what they think is best…..leaving the customers to either like it or lump it. As a consumer on the planet Earth, I know the difference between good customer service and bad customer service. At least for me, good customer service is highly desireable and keeps me coming back to the same companies over and over. So, if you want good customer service……keep an eye on the development of our new GPS collar and become a customer. If you want the same kind of service that you can get from a phone company…..well, good luck to you.

Of course, without a good product good customer service is kind of useless. We plan on covering that base as well and we are working on it now. Keep reading this blog and I will bring you up to speed on our plans.


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