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GPS, skateboards and monkeys.

Last week Matt McDermott joined the Telemetry Solutions’ team. Matt is settling nicely into his role as our customer support specialist. He’s new and he has a lot to learn but he is eager and a faster learner. During the training process we occasionally get off of the topic of GPS for a moment or two. It was in one of these forays into Matt’s personal life that I learned that every year Matt participates in a 30-mile, long board relay in California’s Lake Tahoe area. His long board is a long skateboard, built for speed and distance travel rather than for annoying pedestrians by repeatedly slamming into various curbs and low walls.

Friday I showed Matt how to program our Quantum 4000 Enhanced in “always on” mode and then asked him to take it outside and gather data so that we could go over the new outputs, velocity and direction. Always on mode is just what it sounds like, the GPS is always on. We’ve just added velocity and direction to the output from this device. I suggested to Matt that in order to actually get velocity data that shows some change, it would be great if he wouldn’t mind running with it a bit. It was about 40 degrees C. outside, but what’s he going to say, he’s new… he went along with me.

That’s when the long board came into play. I didn’t know he had it in his car and he didn’t mention it. But he got the job done by skate boarding around outside for awhile.

Enter the monkeys. We have a customer on the east coast of The United States that studies Howler Monkeys in Central America. He wants that velocity data and Matt will be supporting him. It’s a little difficult to support something that you have never used and Matt is going to be busy for the next few months using our products in every way possible. So here is Matt’s next problem; how will he find out how well the GPS works when the monkeys are hanging upside down from trees? We have trees so I hope Matt brings good climbing shoes and gloves Monday.


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