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What we track at Telemetry Solutions.

The answer is you, our customers.  Twice every day we  meet about customers, what they liked and what they didn’t like.  What they need and what they don’t need.   An example:  recently we received a call from a customer who had lost his password and couldn’t log into the support page to download a piece of software.  He had to call us to get the password.  What a waste of time for him!  That was the end of that password requirement. Within 10 minutes that password restriction was gone forever……off the website.  Another example:  We used to send out calendars at the end of the year.  We did this for several years.  All of our customers received one.  They were nice, each month had a different photograph of North American wildlife.  On the last page, hanging down about an inch lower than the calendar proper was Telemetry Solutions’ name and contact information. Sitting in a customer’s office one day I noticed that he had our calendar on his wall but that our name and contact information had been cut off.  “Ah-hah!  Customers don’t like our name and contact info on their calendar,” I thought.  So that was the end of the calendars.  Oh, maybe that’s not the right story for this blog entry?

On a serious note, this is one big way in which the products improve, through customer feedback and our assessment of that feedback.  And we don’t beat it to death before we act, it happens quickly.  So loosen up those typing fingers or just give us a call, we would be happy to hear from you!  Compliment or complaint… doesn’t matter…..we want to hear it.


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