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Lion Work In Africa

Recently in a conversation with a customer I mentioned something about my time working on a lion rehabilitation project in Kenya in 1986. Two things about that conversation struck me. The first was that the customer was actually interested in the story. The second was that he had no idea that I had ever done this kind of work. So I’ll tell a little of that story here.

The project was begun by a former game warden in Kenya. In the 60s he had orphaned 3 lion kittens by shooting their mother. He knew that without her the cubs would die so he took them home with him. 1 of those kittens survived long enough that it got big and began making a nuisance of itself. So he and his wife set about trying to teach it how to be a wild lion. It worked and they reintroduced it.

Skip ahead 20 years and 20 more lions. By this time the game warden had retired from his job and was living full time in a camp in the bush. He had two camps established, one for lions and one for leopards. I lived and worked in the leopard camp, but there were no leopards, only a lion. The story goes on and on. Sometime when you phone us to buy equipment, if you want to hear more of the story I’ll pick it up from here.


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