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From wildlife to pets

We certainly have a lot of work to do.  But yesterday Naho and I took several hours out of our day to drive up to Sacramento and participate in a rally at the capitol steps.  The issue at hand was regarding Governor Brown’s proposal to eliminate a law (Hayden’s Law) that stipulates that animals held in animal shelters in California are kept for 3 additional days past the normal 3 day limit before they can be put down.  The state pays the shelters for those additional 3 days.  But as the state is broke, the law has been suspended for some time.  However, now the governor in his infinite wisdom wants to eliminate the law entirely so that even when the state is back on its feet animals in shelters never have the right to more than 3 days.  Lose your pet on Friday and if you haven’t found them in a shelter by Monday that’s the end.  Total BS.  The situation is currently under review.  More to be revealed in April.

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