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Is everyone doing the job of at least 2 people?

Telemetry Solutions is at 38 degrees north latitude and it’s February.  So why am I still arriving at work and leaving in the dark?  I used to drive away to a local coffee shop after lunch just so that I could see other humans and get a glimpse of the weather during the workday.  But I find that I get a bit more done when I stay here so that’s out now.  My day is organized but I never seem to get everything done.  One big thing that has gone begging lately is updating our website with all of the new possibilities that we now offer.  What kind of businessman am I….keeping it all secret.  In the encapsulation room this morning I saw a very nice GPS collar for female fisher.  It’s really a thing of beauty.  It’s going out the door at 40 grams.  I have a special guest worker arriving at the office within the hour to begin testing of our newest drop off which we have not even advertised yet.  We’re talking small and light.  Because we don’t use fabricated housings on our lightest GPS collars there is no way to incorporate a drop off into the end of a housing.  If we could it would be very light but there would be the enormous bulk of that housing to contend with.  It’s out of the question.  So instead we have to add the drop off externally.  Until now that meant that species the size of foxes could not handle our existing drop off.  We’re excited by this new development.  How long will it be before we get it onto our website?  That all depends upon whether or not I intend to see the sun anytime soon.  When the day comes that I arrive home and the dog starts growling at me because she forgot who I am then I know I’m in the office too much.  If you need something that you don’t see on our website, call me.  Tiny GPS data loggers for birds, GPS pods that attach to your existing large mammal GPS collars, GPS collars for bears or rabbits or anything in between.  If you have an idea that requires some GPS device that you can’t find because no one offers it, call me. 


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