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Last week while I was range testing our new Quantum 4000 Enhanced data download we were pleasantly surprised.

Testing under best case conditions, flat terrain, no trees……we expected our short range data download to work out to about 100 meters.  We walked 350 meters away and were still able to communicate with the collar fine.  But our office is in town so we couldn’t go further than 350 meters without having buildings in the way.  So we did a new test Monday.  We found that the maximum range of the Quantum 4000 Enhanced is 1.5 kilometers.  This is without a large receiving antenna, but rather just a 20 cm. whip antenna on our base station.  Again, this was under best case conditions.  The Quantum 4000 Enhanced with remote download can be built under 30 grams including the collar, batteries, transmitter, everything you need.  We’ll have some new images of the Q4000E coming shortly.  And we have another “first” for the wildlife telemetry industry coming this month.  Stay tuned.


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