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More air, less office.

Being tied to a desk is something that our clients try to avoid but many find themselves spending more time in the office as their careers progress.  It’s no different here at my office but in October I began making an effort to turn the tide.  I decided that I would begin hiking one Saturday per month rather than coming into the office every Saturday.  My first foray was to Yosemite.  Granted there was more driving than hiking since it was a day trip.  But I did manage a hike and was rewarded with a coyote crossing our path, stopping to look at us for a moment before disappearing from sight again.  The coyote didn’t have a GPS collar and I found myself looking at its neck trying to guess the neck circumference.  Last month a short jaunt to The Golden Gate National Recreation Area exposed me to an area that I had driven past for years and never took advantage of.  Let’s see how long I keep it up. 


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