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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

2007 saw the introduction of our first GPS product line, The Quantum 5000.  Our experience in 2007 enlightened us to the fact that we really needed to have a product that we could configure nine ways from Sunday.  Due to this we have developed two new product lines, The Quantum 4000 and the Quantum 6500.  The 4000 is a basic store-on-board unit that will fill the niche for those who need a GPS solution that can be configured for any animal as long as it can carry 10 grams!  And this includes the battery.  It will be a great product for anyone who wants to leave basic VHF collars behind and move into the GPS arena. 

The Quantum 6500 is a high end solution, a little less configurable because it has more complicated electronics in it.  However, this product can also be highly customized.  We encourage all of you who need a GPS backpack or collar, whether a standard or custom product, to give us a call. 


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