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Ringing in the new.

Here, at the end of 2008, we are set to deliver our first GPS system under 10 grams.  Everyone here feels like it’s a great way to end 2008 and we are looking forward to some more new products and services in January 2009.  Several major changes are happening at Telemetry Solutions.   Customer support is being overhauled and starting next week will include video tutorials as well as regular support updates.  The product line has changed dramatically this year and this has changed our manufacturing process here at the factory.   Advertising is also undergoing an overhaul.  You may have noticed that we didn’t attend the Wildlife Society conference in Miami this year.  We had attended that conference every year since 1987 and now seemed to be as good a time as any to introduce new advertising.  After all, it is 2008 and we do have options that were never before possible.  It is always good to meet customers in person and we plan on continuing that, but in a new way.  We have many times more business than we used to have and we don’t like people to wait for replies to sales inquiries so we have a new system for that too.  You should never wait more than 1 business day for a reply to your inquiry or customer support issue.  For you, the customer, all these changes boil down to better products, better service and great prices.  That’s our recipe moving forward, we hope you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving


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