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The Bear Police

Today I heard a news report on the radio about a bear cub in Ventura California wandering into a back yard.  Apparently the cub took advantage of the homeowners’ hot tub before returning to the woods.  The police stood by and “allowed” the bear to go on its merry way.  Maybe the police should have moved the homeowners to a safe house while a bear proof fence could be constructed and the people fitted with bear-proof suits? While the police were in the area they could also have done a sweep for mountian lions, raccoons, spiders and ants.  I mean really, can all of these creatures be allowed to live near humans?  Maybe those folks could just bite the bullet and move in to Los Angeles proper.  No bears to harm them there……rather they might just find strangers in their hot tub.

At least I can vent on this blog now rather than only shouting back at the news report on the radio. 


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