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The nice man from Homeland Security

Getting a call from Homeland Security ranks right up there with letters from The IRS in your mailbox.  They were polite when they asked to schedule an interview in my office.  “It’s just routine,” they said. 

When the agent arrived I asked to see his I.D.  He told me that only 1 in 100 people ask to see his I.D.  Mostly people just answer his questions with no proof of who he really is.  Scary.  Anyway, I asked to see it and he gladly showed it to me.  The interview consisted of a battery of questions about what we do here.  It was a pretty short interview.  He was a nice guy and we talked about his job.  On the one hand it’s annoying to be  interrupted with bureaucratic tasks but it was nice to see that they are actually out and about doing a job.  He was interested in our products, I showed him around and he left. 

The Fire Department used to make spot inspections….but I haven’t seen them in years.  They usually find something to complain about but they keep us on our toes.  OSHA wouldn’t like to see any of the devices that we abuse new GPS collar designs with.  They are all motorized destruction devices…..turn the speed regulator the wrong way and they get dangerous.  Maybe that would be an interesting video addition to our website.  But we’ll have to think of a new name for one of these devices, the name we use here in the shop isn’t something we want to put into print. 🙂


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