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Where are the wild turkeys?

On the golf course, where else?  A local country club has an inordinate number of wild turkeys living on their golf course. I’m not sure that they bother the golfers very much, but the homeowners are not happy.  Can’t hunt them…’s a residential area.  Can’t relocate them without a permit from Fish and Game.  Apparently they pollute the lakes in the club and we can’t have that now can we?  Are they really a problem?

Driving past the club, I often have to stop my car as the turkeys cross the road.  I quite enjoy it.  Personally I believe that before any decision on this matter can be made they need to fit every single wild turkey with one of our GPS tracking devices for turkeys.  Up to 8 fixes per day and 18 months battery life…..100 grams.  Now where did I put the club manager’s number, it was around here somewhere. 



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