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21 Gram GPS Deployed

A few years ago we would have thought this was a crazy idea. Even now it does take some getting used to. We have GPS on wild birds and the GPS and battery only weigh 21 grams. In order to distribute the weight the battery is hanging like a necklace transmitter and the GPS is mounted like a backpack. The field biologist suggested it be done this way. I keep harping on the fact that it is the customers’ ideas that drive the applications. GPS tracking collars and backpacks only move forward because of the joint efforts of the biologists and telemetry companies. We are in this for the long haul, keep your ideas coming please.

We have a few other goodies up our sleeve now. In November you will find us at The Wildlife Society Meeting in Miami and we will be happy to show you these new, cutting edge devices. But you may have to ask to see it. The wildlife telemetry area is chock-a-block with competition and we want to keep them guessing.

Quintin Kermeen

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