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Solar GPS pod with remote data download option

120 Grams

Get a load of our newest solar powered application.  The concept of our GPS pod design has been pretty well received and our solar GPS data loggers with remote download are working great too so we combined the ideas and came up with the solar pod!

Big deal right?  What is it anyway?  What does it do for you?  Well I’ll tell you what it does, if you study animals that live in sunshine and are big enough to handle a 400 gram collar go grab one of your VHF collars.  Doesn’t matter who made that collar, just go get it.  Now how much did you pay for that collar?  A lot less than a GPS collar I bet. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could take that collar in your hand and just bolt something onto the top of it and turn it into a remote download GPS collar that can acquire a GPS location every 5 minutes, transmit that data to you and weigh less than 120 grams?  The weight is important so it won’t flip your collar upside down.

This has none of the large lithium batteries that are normally found in a GPS unit.  Not green enough for you?  Ok, so how much do you add to your carbon footprint every time you go out looking for your study animals?  You drive there right?  Or do you fly? Forget it.  Just take our automatic remote download station and deploy it in an area where you know your study animals will pass by.  Input the collar addresses that you want the station to search for, hook up power and leave.   It will collect and store that data for you so you can just go out and dump it all onto a flash drive or whatever.  Then mosey back to your office and have at it.   Not good enough either?  Want to be greener than this?  Check back soon to find out where we’re taking this.

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