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GPS Pod opens the door to new configurations.

Last month we introduced a new product that we call a GPS pod.  It contains a GPS data logger and battery pack in a small housing.  It’s simple and it has nothing coming out from it, no wires.  This pod can be bolted onto any manufacturers’ VHF collar large enough to accommodate it.  And it turns that VHF collar into a GPS store-on-board collar.  But now slightly different uses are coming into play.  Given the economical advantage of this device (read:  low cost) some biologists are finding that they may just bolt these onto other GPS collars too.  This protects them from data loss should something go wrong with a GPS collar.  Alternatively it just provides them with more data.  In the case of very large animals, like elephants, one could actually attach 2 or more of these devices onto existing GPS collars.  The device is even available with remote control data download!  You probably have boxes of perfectly good VHF collars lying around.  If you want to turn them into GPS collars just drop me a line.


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