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7 Different GPS Models Under 130 grams

Why so many? What’s the difference? Answer: Wildlife biologists are a brilliant bunch. What suits one doesn’t suit the other. We are routinely asked to meet a specification that is a tweak away from what we already offer. Where there’s a will there’s a way. We recently had a request for a tortoise GPS with user replaceable batteries. Add that to the list, they shipped last week.

One of our small GPS collar models weighs in at 69 grams, another at 82 grams. Do we really need both? Absolutely. Biologist A needs a collar no more than 70 grams and biologist B can tolerate 80. The weight difference is due to our old friend the battery. Next stop in the collar category is currently 125 grams. But we can build several between 80 and 125 – ask and Ye shall receive.

Aside from our normal production models we are happy to entertain your unique application needs and come up with a solution. We’re also working on a few concept products that help to feed the creative engine at Telemetry Solutions. We’ll have these on display at our next conference appearance. Be sure to ask to see them.


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