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A perfect September weekend.

Autumn, the best season of the year….unless you live in California.  The leaves are green and it’s 105 degrees outside.  As Johnny Carson used to say, “But it’s a dry heat.”  However it is perfect for testing several aspects of our new Quantum 4000 Enhanced GPS collars.  This weekend we are looking at the effect of programming GPS location attempts at different intervals to find out what the difference really is in terms of time to a decent fix.  There are all kinds of calculations and specifications that can be used as guidelines, but there’s nothing like a real life test.  We’ll run 5 collars at the same time, each taking fixes at different intervals.  Theoretically the collars taking fixes at shorter intervals will take less time to acquire satellites.  But at what point does that interval really start to affect ability to quickly acquire satellites?  It’s important because with this information you may be able to program location attempts at closer intervals without having an overall negative effect on battery life.  In addition to these tests we will also determine at what point the GPS Additional Time is wasting battery.  GPS Additional Time is a user setting that forces the GPS to remain on refining its position before that position is written to memory.  It’s completely up to the user to set this but wouldn’t it be nice to have a guideline from us?  But there is a flaw in this test.  Since the GPS units in this test are programmed to turn on at different intervals several variables will have changed.  But that’s out of our control.  We’re looking forward to the results and will have them posted on our website next week.


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