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GPS collars are like racing motorcyles.

My motorcycle racing career was extremely brief.  One race.  I didn’t care for the ruling body and they didn’t care for me either.  So I relegated myself to becoming the pit crew for a friend who raced.   Before a race we would get everything ready, everything double and triple checked.  Then he would go out for a few practice laps.  Inevitably he would come back to the pits and start futzing around with the motorcycle.  I would get frustrated with him and remark, “Leave it alone, it’s ok, it’s ready to go.”  He would reply that he needed to adjust one thing or another.  We argued like this on and on.  Finally I just told him, “Less brake, more gas.”  But he still fiddled around with it every chance he got. 

GPS technology is similar in that you can keep tweaking and tweaking it forever.   Our products incorporate cutting edge components.  We test them and finally offer them for sale.  Then it seems like the next day something new comes down the pike.  A case in point is GPS antennas.  This week our engineering department released into manufacturing an upgraded GPS antenna.  The previous one was good, the new one is better.  It’s smaller and works better in heavy cover. 

Let’s see what next week brings in the world of GPS technology.  And by the way, I was right about my friend.  He never did win a race and I attribute it to too much brake, not enough gas.


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