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On the horizon

Wildlife tracking, whether through the use of GPS collars or other tracking devices, continues to change.  But these days the changes are more frequent and represent bigger advances than during the 1970s, 80s and 90s.  Animal collars have almost all been enhanced by the addition of remote drop off mechanisms.  Battery technology is good but nothing really advanced has occured recently in the wildlife telemetry market with regard to battery technology.  So what’s the next big change going to be?  As end users it is up to you to make yourself heard.  I love to hear customers’ ideas for new products and additions to existing products.  As a matter of fact we are currently working on a product that was originally proposed by a customer.  It’s a …….ooops, a little too soon to talk about that one.  Stay tuned for more hints and keep those ideas coming, we love them.


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