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GPS Tracking System for Wildlife

Telemetry Solutions, a leading electronics design and manufacturing company in northern California, specializes in miniature GPS tracking devices for wildlife research and management. Our product line includes GPS collars for small to medium mammals, solar powered miniature GPS for birds, reptiles and mammals and automatic data acquisition systems.

If you are new to GPS tracking, start with GPS 101.

Our smallest GPS data logger weighs only 1.9 grams. This lightweight product is the basis for many more product configurations which allow wildlife researchers to study small birds as well as other very small animals.

The telemetry device mounted on the study animal collects GPS data, stores it and transmits it to the researcher by wireless data transfer in the field or by satellite to your office.

For very small GPS products our Smart GPS feature can increase data sets up to 5 fold as well as dramatically increasing battery life from very small wildlife tracking devices.

Our Activity sensing option is a game changer in terms of what one can expect from a wildlife tracking device equipped with an activity option. Highly developed hardware working in conjunction with a powerful software program enable the user to set many detection parameters which result in activity samples that are more meaningful than ever before. The Activity Sensor adds no weight to the product.

In terms of weight reduction and unique shapes and applications the staff at Telemetry Solutions are experts who will tailor a solution for individual customer needs. Try our new website feature "Wildlife research products proven to work well" to search for recently built products by specifying species type, product weight and/or country to which they shipped.

All Telemetry Solutions' products are 100% custom made in The U.S.A. We maintain full time, native English speaking customer support for our customers.

Contact us today to let us know about your specific wildlife telemetry requirements.

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