About Telemetry Solutions

About our company

Since 1996, Telemetry Solutions, based in The San Francisco Bay Area, has been a leading electronics design and manufacturing company. We specialize in miniaturization and low-power-consumption GPS, sensors, and telemetry for wildlife research.

As an irregular project, in 2014, we made Iridium GPS trackers that were embedded in artificial tusks for National Geographic. This project successfully revealed the illegal ivory supply chain. For more information, please click here.

People may think we are in the animal business but we consider ourselves to be in the people business because our clients are all people.  By default, we must make wildlife tracking products that are the best that they can be.  They must be humane and impact wildlife as little as possible.  In that way, one might believe that we are in the wildlife conservation business.  We still maintain that it is the people that must be primarily satisfied with the wildlife tracking products that we manufacture.  Therefore we go to extreme lengths to keep our human clients happy.  Please refer to our testimonials page to read what our clients say about us.

About our founder and president

If you are curious about Quintin Kermeen, our founder, and president, here is a video of our story. 

About our products

Our existing wildlife tracking product line consists of 4 different electronic platforms. Starting with these platforms, we enhance them with sensors and telemetry and create application-specific final products. Our products are used for wildlife research projects involving reptiles, birds and small mammals. To understand more about Telemetry Solutions and the products we offer, please also read GPS Tracking System for Wildlife and Products.

Currently,  starting at as little as 5 grams, these GPS devices all feature some method of remote data transfer.  Those methods span from short-range radio telemetry to several kilometers range up to global data transfer with no dead spots.

We have a list of Field Tested GPS and a tool that allows you to search Previously built and shipped products by Telemetry Solutions.

Furthermore, all GPS products are 100% custom made to suit our customers’ needs. Telemetry Solutions stands behind its products and provides 365 days per year customer support. We also offer refurbishment services so that our clients can use the equipment they purchased multiple times.

If you have questions about Telemetry Solutions or the products we offer, please Contact us. Let us help you overcome the challenges in your research. We look forward to hearing from you.

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